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Dangers to be aware of when jointly owning a property

It is common practice to jointly own a property, either with a spouse, a friend or other family members. With the property sector now being a lucrative market for investment, it has also become popular to own a property as part of a business portfolio with business partners. However, owning a property with another can come with dangers if you are not aware of the rules which govern how jointly owned property is treated upon your death and in your wills.


Uber in the Hot Seat

GMB, the Union for professional drivers, believes that the drivers are workers on the basis that Uber controls how much passengers are charged, requires drivers to follow particular routes, uses a ratings system to assess drivers’ performance and, more importantly, pays the drivers.


Rights to Light

Colman Coyle have accepted instructions to act for a company to advise on the rights to light issues arising, including the assessment of damages, out of a multi billion pound development.


The new SIP 16

There is a new Statement of Insolvency Practice 16 (SIP16) which was released yesterday with effect from 1st November 2015. The SIP 16 provides a useful and thorough guide through pre-packaged sales in administration with the new statement giving additional information than that which is currently in effect.