What is it like to be a Colman Coyle Trainee?

9th October 2023

Navigating the Journey: Insights into the Life of a Trainee Solicitor at Colman Coyle

In the world of law, the path to becoming a solicitor is a journey filled with challenges, growth, and invaluable experiences. We sit down with two trainee solicitors: Scarlett Anderson, and Charlie Anderson, to gain a better understanding of life as a trainee solicitor here at Colman Coyle.

Tell us about your journey to become a trainee at Colman Coyle

‘’My route to becoming a trainee is not the most conventional. I did not start Colman Coyle with a job but on work experience, I was fresh out of university and looking to try something new. I started assisting in the Commercial Property department as a paralegal and now three years later I am beginning the journey to qualify as a solicitor via the SQE apprenticeship route at the University of Law. I now work four days a week with one day studying.’’Scarlett Anderson

‘’I began my journey to become a trainee in Sheffield with a four-year undergraduate degree in Law (with Spanish Law). This presented me the opportunity to spend my third year in Valencia, studying Spanish Law in Spanish with the native students.

I completed the LPC in Sheffield at The University of Law and, following which I was offered a paralegal position by Colman Coyle. After six months, I was offered a position as a trainee.’’ – Charlie Anderson

What kind of work do you do as a trainee solicitor?

‘’Within the Commercial Property department, I am exposed to a wide range of Property work. I assist with various tasks ranging from plot sales for developments, drafting residential and commercial leases, lease assignments to Licence for Alterations.

I deal with various applications to the Land Registry for both commercial and residential property as well as probate matters.’’Scarlett Anderson

‘’I am currently sat in the Litigation department. This means that I advise clients who are in dispute with another party and, typically, are looking to take that dispute to Court. Day-to-day, I conduct legal research, draft advice to clients, hold calls with clients, draft instructions to counsel, put together proceedings and attend hearings in Court. The work is varied, and each case presents its own challenges.’’Charlie Anderson

What do you enjoy most about being a trainee solicitor?

‘’It may be cliche, but I love that every property transaction is different, and they are all unique in their own way. I learnt quite early on that no transaction is straightforward despite all having the same underlying structure. Colman Coyle has been great throughout my training no question is too silly to answer and it has a lovely family feel!’’Scarlett Anderson

‘’Most of all, I enjoy achieving a good result for the client. Particularly with Litigation, your work is subject to the scrutiny of both the Court and the solicitors of the party with whom you are in dispute. The pressure to get it right means that when you do, it is all the more rewarding.’’Charlie Anderson

What have you learned as a trainee at Colman Coyle? 

‘‘As a trainee, I’ve learnt to embrace not knowing everything. Take advantage of the books and online resources you have available to you (not every answer is on Google!). Be a sponge when it comes to your surrounding fee earners. Senior colleagues still come across problems they have not faced before, so listening to them and having the ability to keep learning alongside everyone is important.’’Scarlett Anderson

“The great thing about Colman Coyle is the level of responsibility I am given as a trainee. Where I do need assistance, it is encouraged that I seek it from those senior to me. This environment is conducive to learning a lot, very quickly. Ultimately, that is what being a trainee is all about.”Charlie Anderson

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