Rent reviews in the news

12th March 2020

Commercial rent reviews are in the news following reports in The Evening Standard and The Daily Telegraph. They also look set to be a key battleground in the forthcoming London Mayoral elections.

The Arch Company, the new landlord of most of the railway arches in London and nationwide, is pursuing a controversial rent review strategy with its commercial tenants. It is pushing through a substantial number of rent reviews at very high levels of increases. These rent reviews are hotly contested and can have high stakes. The level of rent claimed is often high. Sometimes enough to break the businesses involved. Many reviews involve complex or unusual points of law – points that tenants may not be aware of.

Colman Coyle is as ever at the cutting edge of law in this area. Michael Large of Colman Coyle represents an increasing number of commercial tenants in these railway arch rent reviews, working alongside trusted surveyor colleagues to form a formidable team.

Michael is the keynote speaker on rent reviews at the forthcoming RICS Conference in Kensington on 17 March 2020.

If you have been affected by any of the issues in this article, or have a property dispute that needs to be fixed, please contact Michael Large on +44(0) 207 354 3000 or