Guardians of the Arches debates key legal changes for commercial tenants

12th February 2020

Small and medium sized businesses are important but often undervalued commercial tenants, leasing a wide range of commercial properties across the country. As a result, any changes to commercial leasehold law could have a big impact on their lives and livelihoods.

On 6 February 2020 a delegation from Guardians of the Arches, which works to protect the rights of small and medium-sized business leasing commercial railway arches, met advisors at the Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government to discuss the law regarding commercial leases. The Ministry is responsible for commercial leasehold policy and the laws that apply to it. The main issues discussed were security of tenure and rent reviews.

The Guardians’ have a substantial membership of commercial tenants including all kinds of business from breweries, distilleries, pubs and bars, restaurants, concert venues, workshops, garages, and many more. As well as promoting their members’ interests at government level, the Guardians’ aim is promote transparency and fairness in the commercial property market.

The government’s consultation process is only just beginning. So far commercial tenants haven’t had much of a say in this process. But the Guardians – represented by Colman Coyle – aim to be involved every step of the way.

Michael Large of Colman Coyle represented the Guardians at the meeting and advises them in their ongoing discussions with the Ministry.