Signing a Will or Power of Attorney during COVID-19

7th April 2020

The current difficult circumstances surrounding the Coronavirus has affected many things but one area where it is having considerable impact is in the area of signing documents, particularly wills and powers of attorney.

There is some anecdotal evidence that enquiries regarding these important documents are increasing at this difficult time, but the current guidelines regarding social distancing for example have put a spotlight on the requirements for validly executing a will and how one can comply with them in the current situation.

The requirements for validly executing a will are set out in the Wills Act of 1837 and amongst other things require physical presence of the witnesses.  Of course, with social distancing this becomes a key issue and it may be the Government will look to amend or change these requirements through legislation.  However, in the meantime many people do have outstanding documents that need to be signed and we would be happy to advise further in this area and of course continue to prepare wills and other documents where we can.

In recognition of the dedication of NHS staff, Colman Coyle is proposing to donate 10% of its income from wills at this time to the Camden & Islington NHS Foundation Trust, as an acknowledgement of the incredible work its staff are doing.

Colman Coyle has considerable experience in acting for individuals and for advising them in relation to their wills and related issues and if you would like to discuss the specific issues raised here please contact Patrick Green on +44 (0)20 7354 3000 or

Patrick Green

Patrick Green

Senior Associate