Oksana Howard attends IR Global Eastern European Meeting in Prague

10th December 2019

Oksana Howard of Colman Coyle International Department will be attending IR Global Eastern European Meeting in Prague later this week, which is aimed at further developing relationship between the lawyers who service varied international legal needs of their Eastern European clients and companies both in Eastern Europe and in the United Kingdom.  The event is sponsored by two prominent Eastern European law firms Schaffer & Partner, based in Prague and Vasil & Partners, based in Bratislava, both of which have very close professional links with Colman Coyle.

The event will provide an opportunity to discuss legal issues and challenges associated with the new markets’ entry and also free movement of employees, particularly after Brexit.

Given that Colman Coyle is already a strong player on the Eastern European markets, through having its associated office in Kiev, as well through Oksana’s varied business contacts and Eastern European clients, participation in this event will further cement Colman Coyle’s presence in the Eastern European markets as the legal adviser which is capable of advising both under the English and the Eastern European Law.

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