It is time to pause – Brexit debate

1st July 2016

My colleagues have posted articles on what Brexit may mean in the property arena or the employment arena.

I wish to make a non legal observation.

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”.

As we know, this is a quote from Dickens’ “A Tale of Two Cities”.

This statement can never be so true and could be applied in equal measure to both the Remain and Leave camp.

Last week, the result of the referendum filtered through. There were two boxes on a ballot box namely Remain or Leave and Leave succeeded.

Whatever anybody says, I am sure that both sides were equally surprised and shocked at the result.

This is the thing:

Flowing from that result, this Country will no longer have David Cameron as its Prime Minister and will have a new Prime Minister from October onwards. Mr Cameron, it is alleged, is telling Jeremy Corbyn to resign. Nicola Sturgeon is stating that Scotland should have another referendum that may see it break away from the United Kingdom and there may be a unification of Ireland. The European leaders themselves refer to the fact that there may now need to be reform within Europe.

Not only is there political upheaval but there is social upheaval as well. There appears to be a North, South divide. London stated in some papers they want to extricate themselves from the United Kingdom to be part of the EU. The younger generation seem to be pitted against the older generation and in pockets of the UK “hate” crimes and racist attacks are occurring.

There has been a whole spectrum of emotion: jubilation, disgust, hope, fear, anger, surprise, shock but to name a few. Everybody is entitled to have a reaction.

Now is the time to pause.

It has been a week since the result, time needs to be taken to digest the news and then decide the way forward.

In the legal arena, there will no doubt be vast amounts of legislation that will need to be unpicked and redrafted. A tempered approach must be taken.

Change is coming…