Ignacio Morillas-Paredes interviewed by Expansión newspaper over the future of the UK after Brexit

28th January 2020

The Spanish newspaper Expansión has recently interviewed 25 executives working in London to offer their vision for the future of the UK after Brexit, including Partner Ignacio Morillas-Paredes from Colman Coyle.

Expansión asked Ignacio and the other executives two key questions:

  1. After Brexit will there be a rebound in investment in the UK or will uncertainty continue?
  2. It is expected that on December 31st 2020 the UK and EU will reach a trade agreement. Will this pact be signed; Will there be an extension of the negotiations; Or will an exit take place without an agreement?

Ignacio explained in his response whilst the exit strategy is clear, there is still uncertainty about how it will occur. The “Exit without Agreement” position will be used strategically by Boris Johnson during the negotiations which will hold the rebound of the economy and investment in the UK.

Ignacio thought a trade agreement will be agreed but only after an extension. The agreement is hugely important for the UK and EU, to protect not only our trading relationship but also for security concerns.

Please see the link from the newspaper article in Spanish here.