Colman Coyle offers employment protection insurance

11th October 2018

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As an employer, it can be frustrating to be served with an unmeritorious claim. Especially if the business has done everything to support and nurture that employee. Defending claims are costly.  Also, you do not automatically recover your costs if you win. Therefore, for most employers they settle disputes that otherwise may be unsuccessful in a Tribunal. This may then have the knock on effect of other employees raising issues that may lack merit, in order to receive a pay-out.

There are all sorts of employment protection schemes out there. One of the frustrating elements of these schemes is that the company cannot use its own lawyers but are forced to use a firm on the insurance panel.

Colman Coyle have joined forces with an insurance provider that can tailor the employment disputes indemnity insurance to suit your financial needs in defending a claim. Key aspects of this insurance product that we offer is that you as the employer can use us. Further, it is a flexible product, whereby the employer can choose whether they want to be funded from the ACAS conciliation stages or if they want to be funded when the claim is issued right up to and including damages.

At Colman Coyle, we want to ensure that not only do you have specialist experience at your fingertips but peace of mind that the finances can be covered through insurance.

If we can assist with any employment issues, or discuss providing insurance through an employment protection scheme, please contact Krishna Santra on 020 7354 3000 or email her on