Pro bono legal and accounting assistance for Ukrainian refugees

28th March 2022

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Colman Coyle Limited (solicitors) and RPG Crouch Chapman LLP (chartered accountants and tax advisers) have joined together to provide their professional help, free of charge, to refugees from the war in Ukraine at this distressing time.

It seems likely that once refugees have had the chance to settle down and adapt to their new situations, at least some of them may wish to consider the possibility of setting up businesses to support themselves and their families.  We however appreciate that doing this in a foreign country with different laws and customs can be very daunting.

Oksana Howard of Colman Coyle and Tetyana Charlotte of RPG Crouch Chapman are both senior members of their respective firms and both of them came to England separately many years ago and so personally know at least some of the issues which people in this situation will face.

How Can We Help?

We offer to provide a consultation to discuss the legal and financial obligations involved.  We are well equipped to advise not just on the formal legal and accountancy requirements but also to explain issues of custom and practice with which individuals may not be familiar.  The consultation may be with Oksana or Tetyana (or both of them) and there will be no charge for this, as it would be our pleasure to be able to assist even if it is only in a small way.

Amongst the areas which we can help with are: –

  • The implications of trading as an individual or through a limited company
  • How renting of property works in the United Kingdom (UK)
  • The need for terms and conditions for business
  • Compliance with rules such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Changing your tax residency and the implications of that
  • UK tax reporting obligations
  • The laws regarding employment of staff

These are just examples of the many areas that we can assist with and which anyone setting up a business will need to consider.

About Colman Coyle and RPG Crouch Chapman

Both practices are well established and based in the centre of London.  RPG Crouch Chapman also have an office in Milton Keynes.  More details about the respective firms can be found at: and

About Oksana and Tetyana

Oksana Howard, who moved to the UK in 1998 from Ukraine, is a qualified English solicitor and a Partner at Colman Coyle, who studied and qualified as an English lawyer in the UK almost 10 years ago, who frequently advises Ukrainian individuals and businesses on various matters under the English law.

Tetyana Charlotte is a qualified accountant and tax advisor in the UK. She graduated at Kyiv University of Economics and Transport Technologies where she obtained a bachelor’s degree (BA). She moved to London in 2009 where she gained a qualification at the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) at the LCA Business School in London.  She obtained her Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) qualification in 2021.

Both Tetyana and Oksana are fluent in both English and Ukrainian.

Oksana can be contacted on 07931 301262, and LinkedIn.

Tetyana can be contacted on 07944 769 312, or on Instagram:  She is also available on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Both of them are keen to provide whatever assistance they can at this very difficult time.

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Oksana Howard
Colman Coyle

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Tetyana Charlotte
Tax Team
RPG Crouch Chapman