New Injury to Feeling “Bands”

7th September 2017

As you are aware, if an employee is successful in a discrimination claim, not only will they receive damages for loss of earnings, but they will also receive damages for injury to feelings. There are 3 bands and they have increased.

As of 11th September 2017, the Vento “bands” will be the following:

  1. Lower band – £800 – £8,400;
  2. Middle band – £8,400 – £25,200; and
  3. Upper band – £25,200 – £42,000.

In exceptional cases, Tribunals could award in excess of £42,000 for damages for injury to feelings.  The whole purpose of these bands being increased is that the Court of Appeal decided in a recent case that the Employment Tribunal should increase compensation for injury to feelings in personal injury and discrimination cases by 10%.

For any claims presented before 11th September, it will be open to the Tribunal to adjust the awards to reflect inflation.