IR Global Member of the Year 2022

2nd September 2022

I am delighted that my partner, Howard Colman has been nominated as one of the three candidates to be the IR Global Member of the Year 2022.

Many members will know Howard well. He is one of the outstanding original members of IR Global and has attended more conferences than any other member! Below is his submission for the award.

In addition to being very active in networking and referral activities, I believe Howard has made a unique contribution to the overall success of IR. He has consistently come up with new initiatives, several of which are now regular features of the events.

Howard was the first to arrange pre-event dinners which now are a part of every conference. He arranged a memorable visit to the Royal Courts of Justice and Inns of Court in London for the Disputes Group. He has arranged and participated in numerous networking and social events with members and very recently has launched a new initiative for golfing members.

Whilst it goes without saying that all of the candidates merit their selection I really believe it is time that Howard’s contributions to IR were recognised and I urge as many of you as possible to vote for him.