Colman Coyle at the RICS

10th October 2018

Michael Large is a regular lecturer in the CPD programme for RICS professionals. On Thursday 11 October 2018 he will be giving a CPD talk in Chelmsford at Chelmsford Civic Centre, Duke Street, Chelmsford CM1 1JE for the RICS, on the subject of MEES and Rent Reviews from 6pm to 7pm. Registration starts at 5.30pm:

Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards have now come into effect and are directly influencing landlord and tenant negotiations.

While properties with EPC ratings of F or G are immediately at risk, tenants’ advisors who understand the implications will be considering their options relating to marginal buildings which may yet be rated as non-compliant and preparing their arguments for the next review.

As practice relating to these regulations is now evolving in real-time, attend this seminar to find out what the latest evidence is showing.

  • Which buildings are at risk?
  • Who pays for improvements?
  • Significance of the fit out
  • Landlords’ options
  • Tenants’ tactics.

If you’d like to attend, or for further information, contact Michael or contact RICS direct through Natacha Fielding

To coincide with this talk, Michael will be posting a series of short “how to” blogs on our website to provide a guide to managing a commercial property rent review.

  • Part One: Jargon: A guide to common terms used in rent reviews
  • Part Two: What kind of rent review is it?
  • Part Three: How do you calculate the rent? Assumptions and Disregards
  • Part Four: Starting the Rent Review
  • Part Five: Rent Reviews in Turnover Leases
  • Part Six: Rent Review Dispute Resolution
  • Part Seven: Rent Review Negotiations
  • Part Eight: Extreme delay and ‘undead’ rent reviews
  • Part Nine: How not to do it’ – when reviews go wrong!
  • Part Ten: MEES and Rent Reviews

Next Week: Part One: Jargon: A guide to common terms used in rent reviews