Buying a Home

Once you have found the house you want to purchase, Colman Coyle will step in to make sure that you get it and that there are no hidden surprises once you have moved in.

Steps to buy your dream home

  • The seller's solicitors will send us a contract and supporting documentation. This will be checked and we may need to raise some enquiries. We will also put in hand all relevant searches as this stage.
  • Our findings will be prepared in a document for you, which will contain all the relevant documents you may need for future reference.
  • If you’re applying for a mortgage; we will also receive the formal offer letter from your lender. We are happy to go through the Terms and Conditions of that offer for you if you would like us to.
  • Once you are happy and we have everything we need from the sellers side you now sign the contract and give us a deposit. This is usually 10% of the purchase price, but can be less. At this point in the transaction there is no going back!
  • If you are part of a chain, before we can agree on a moving date all members of that chain will have had to sign their contracts and deposited monies. We will let you know once this has happened and negotiate a moving date which works for you.
  • Our involvement has not stopped just yet. On the actual moving date we will pass the remainder of the monies to the seller’s solicitors. At this point you can collect the keys from the estate agents.
  • There is also the stamp duty tax to be dealt with. We will arrange payment of this and also instruct the land registry to transfer the property into your name. Once this has been done we will send you a copy of the new title.

We pride ourselves in representing your interests throughout the whole process, by acting as your spokesperson; but also by always keeping you informed and up-to-date at every important stage.

For more information please contact Andrew Flint

TIP – You may be able to buy the actual freehold of the property you live in. To find out how click here

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